CRM’s (client relationship management) can be used for many things. Sales teams use them to track prospects, clients and sales. Manufacturers use them to keep up with widgets, vendors and buyers. Law firms use them to bring in new clients, stay in touch with current clients, and to manage case matter from intake to case resolution.

With the integration of Microsoft products such as SharePoint, Outlook and Dynamics CRM, law firms are finding an all-encompassing solution for critical practice management. Although traditional legal practice management thinking did not immediately lead to CRM technology, modern law firms are adopting this business approach and technology to grow their businesses.

Want to grow your law firm? Check out the 10 Signs Your Law Firm Needs a CRM and start taking steps to integrate CRM technology today.

  1. Conflicts and Duplicates are a part of the daily routine.
  2. Inaccurate information steals time out of your staff’s day.
  3. single information source only exists in discussions of best practices to implement
  4. Lost data is a concern.
  5. Follow-up is time-consuming
  6. Visibility requires multiple systems and staff members.
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“Any time we needed a detailed report before [2B-LAW], we would have to ask our accountant to do it for us. Not only did we have to wait for the information, it cost us at least $100 every time we needed a report. What used to take an hour now takes five seconds.”-William White, Managing Partner of Parkman and White, LLC

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