Asset Tracking in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

April 10, 2015By 2buserMicrosoft CRM, Warehouse & Inventory, Warehouse, Store and Inventory Management, WIMS for CRM 1 Comment

Every company uses hundreds and maybe even thousands of assets on a daily basis. How are you currently tracking the details of each asset? The right solution will give you more detailed control over your assets and a greater return on your investment. If you are currently using Dynamics CRM, wouldn’t it be nice if … Read More

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gets an Analytics-Infused Update

April 8, 2015By 2buserMicrosoft CRM No Comments

Microsoft is aggressively releasing updates to Dynamics CRM 2015.  The spring update has been announced and is packed with new features.  Dynamics CRM analytics is a big one but also improvements the the CRM UI across mobile devices.  We envision many of our CRM customers utilizing these new features.    This article excerpt, by Katherine Noyes, originally appeared … Read More