New clients are the life blood for many law firms, so how do you make sure the best leads don’t fall through the cracks?  It’s absolutely necessary that firms centralize all inquiries, label the best ones, schedule follow up, and track referrals that don’t fit.  When law firms can prioritize potential clients and automate follow up, the benefits are huge.  Here are just a few that are included with 2B-LAW for Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

Increase conversions on the types of matters that you want

By clearly identifying the best opportunities, users can stop spinning their wheels on leads that are not a good fit.  Create lists that can be filtered and sorted based on rating, source, case type and owner.  And as leads are referred to others, track those for later follow up.

Potential Client Rating

Increase collaboration by letting multiple people review and provide input

Set up instant alerts to inform users when new potential clients have been received.  Users can add Notes to offer opinions, ask questions, and share ideas.  This increases communication across the firm by giving people the chance to chime in.

client notes

Reduce the possibility of the best clients falling through the cracks

Quickly create and assign follow up responsibilities and due dates.  Even attach Notes to make sure users are up-to-speed before making the follow up.  Track follow up calls and emails to show what works and doesn’t work.  No more lost opportunities because of internal confusion.

Save time and win moire deals!  For more information on 2B-LAW, visit  You can see screenshots, download the brochure, and more!

2B-Law Webinar

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