2B-LAW 365 Office 365 investment
2B-LAW 365 Office 365 investment

More and more companies, particularly law firms, are getting rid of their on-premise Exchange and SharePoint servers.  Instead, they are moving to cloud-hosted solutions such as Microsoft Office 365.  With Office 365, companies get all the latest functionality of Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business and Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) without having to deal with managing servers.  The Microsoft Cloud is 99.9% reliable and HIPAA compliant, so you know your data is safe.

Make use of the availability of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

A lot of firms don’t realize that with Office 365 comes the availability of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Dynamics 365 is a powerful customer engagement platform that combines a customer relationship management tool with enterprise resource planning.  This all-in-one solution allows businesses greater control and insights across all business functions.

Use a solution designed for legal management.

However, a law firm isn’t just “any” business.  It is one that requires a more detailed solution. That is exactly why 2B-LAW 365 was developed.  2B-LAW 365 tailors Dynamics 365 for law firms.  With the added the ability to manage matters, track time and expenses, deadlines and more, it is a complete legal management solution for today’s law firms.

Help client retention rates by using automated marketing tools.

With 2B-LAW 365 and Microsoft, law firms can have one system to manage all aspects of their firm.  No more double-entry, no more data stuck in silos, no more copy-and-paste from one system to another.  Users can track and share emails, appointments and case details across the organization.  Take it a step further by incorporating other solutions such as Click Dimensions for automated marketing and client retention campaigns.

2B-LAW 365 takes advantage of all Microsoft has to offer.

Microsoft is leading the way with integrated cloud tools, and 2B-LAW 365 takes advantage of those tools to create a legal management solution specifically for law firms.  

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