4 Industries Leading the Way in Cloud Adoption

December 17, 2014By 2buserFinancial, Legal, Manufacturing, Microsoft CRM, Retail, Uncategorized No Comments

We are software developers and consultants that not only use cloud-based software internally, but also sell cloud based software.  We provide Microsoft Dynamics CRM to all four of these industries and have custom developed add-ons specifically for CRM online that relate to 2 of the 4 mentioned here (legal and manufacturing).  Although there are a … Read More

Two Limitations with Calculated Fields and Rollup Fields in CRM 2015

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By Brandon Hernandez Developer, 2B Solutions, Inc. With the release of CRM 2015, site administrators and developers are given new two new property options, Calculated and Rollup, for certain field types.  The addition of calculated fields and rollup fields in CRM 2015 are exciting new features that overcome some basic customization hurdles.  Microsoft provides a … Read More

Dynamics CRM 2015 Online/On-Premise is NOW AVAILABLE

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The much anticipated NEW Dynamics CRM 2015 is available on-premise and online! You’ve heard about all of the new features that are coming in the new version – across all modules – marketing, sales and customer service. Now it is time to see it in action! Download a trial of CRM online – http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics/crm-free-trial-overview.aspx  No … Read More

Mobile CRM Application Developed for Oakworth Capital Bank

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Birmingham, Ala., November 3, 2014 – 2B Solutions (www.2Bsolutions.com), a Birmingham, Ala.-based technology company specializing in Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and mobile applications, recently kicked off a project for Birmingham, Ala.-based Oakworth Capital Bank (www.oakworthcapital.com) to enable Oakworth’s client advisors to meet their clients’ needs in any location at any time in addition … Read More

Dynamics CRM 2013 for Event Management with Barcode Scanning

October 27, 2014By 2buser2B-Events, Entertainment, Event, Attendee, and Ticket Tracking, Microsoft CRM, Mobile App Development, Mobile Hardware, Uncategorized 1 Comment

By Barkley Busby Vice President and Co-Founder, 2B Solutions Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be used for many business functions including event management and barcode scanning.  Scan barcodes from a badge, ticket and more.  Track details such as attendees, tickets, conferences, seminars and more. Our custom mobile app, 2B-Events, directly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and … Read More

CounterPoint Enhancements Newsletter

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CounterPoint Enhancements Provided by 2B Solutions October 2014 2B Solutions, Inc. has been providing solutions that extend Counterpoint for almost a decade.  These range from  mobile applications to integration services.  We are constantly adding additional features and enhancements to all of our products and services.  We enjoy working with CP partners as well as end … Read More

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Preview Guide

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The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Preview Guide (21 pages) was released today and it is packed full of information and screenshots. There are improvements to marketing, sales, customer service, social and to the platform. Basically, Microsoft believes that there has traditionally been a gap between marketing and sales that needs to be bridged in order … Read More