Clients and prospects want to feel important. They want to feel like you care and that you’re watching out for their best interest. Client management and prospecting just got easier with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and 2B-LAW 365.  2B-LAW 365 already has the details about your clients, their matters, and your potential clients, but now Microsoft is providing you with more information – information that can help you build stronger relationships and connections with your clients and leads..  This data is aggregated and piped directly into your client and matter management system so that you don’t have to spend time searching the internet for it.

More Information in Less Time – Client management just got easier!

With the Research option, see challenges and trends affecting businesses in that industry. Quickly find conversation-starters to show that you’ve done your research and you’re more than just their attorney – you are their trusted adviser.  Companies who take advantage of this functionality not only save time, but also reduce the sales cycle and close more deals.

Smart Prospecting

For prospective clients, quickly get up-to-speed on the company, industry trends, and identify the decision makers. Even on your mobile device while you’re on the way to the meeting! Make that great first impression by looking prepared, knowledgeable and confident. And even set up automatic alerts for existing clients and prospects when they are in the news.

  • Save time
  • Keep ahead of the competition
  • Build closer relationships
  • Convert more business

2B-LAW 365 is built using the native Dynamics 365 platform and development tools.  You’ll get dashboards and reports and also have the ability to further customize the system to meet the needs of your firm.

Next Steps – See it in ACTION!

  1. Watch the recorded webinar (7:28).
  2. Schedule a demo of 2B-LAW 365.  You’ll see just how easy the system is to navigate, and how much time you’ll save by having a single, go-to place for up to date information on clients and potential clients.  Just complete the form below and we’ll be in touch soon!


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