By Barkley Busby
Vice President and Co-Founder, 2B Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be used for many business functions including event management and barcode scanning.  Scan barcodes from a badge, ticket and more.  Track details such as attendees, tickets, conferences, seminars and more. Our custom mobile app, 2B-Events, directly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and makes tracking these details simple and seamless!

DynamicsCRM_EventTrackingWe understand that every event is unique. That’s why we’ve developed a mobile application that is flexible. With 2B-Events and Dynamics CRM, you have the option to track your event(s) your way.

  1. Worried about fraud or duplicates? Real time ticket/server validation option
  2. No wireless or internet access? Track scans and upload to server after the event – local mobile database option
  3. Have multiple venues or multiple scanners tracking different locations or conference titles? Sub-location tracking option
  4. Do you sell different ticket types with varying entry access? We have a setting for that
  5. Want to view your data real-time? Set up custom views in CRM and watch as each ticket or badge is scanned
  6. Need flexibility for your event? We can customize the mobile barcode scanning software to meet your event needs.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a great fit for integration. Once customized to meet your event needs, CRM is the perfect tool to track and report on all aspects of your event. For mobile barcode scanning, you have the option to purchase the hardware/software or rent the solution from us!

We have provided event tracking solutions for many industries and customer needs.  2B-Events was first developed in 2005. Since then, we’ve continued to add more features and functionality based on customer requests. It is a barcode scanning mobile application that can be tailored to meet your event requirements. We’ve been providing Dynamics CRM solutions for even longer! Combining Dynamics CRM with 2B-Events is a WIN-WIN solution. Get started today and schedule a live demonstration!


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