First, a little background ….. We’ve been extending the Dynamics CRM platform for many, many years.  Although we originally began selling and implementing Microsoft CRM (version 1.2 – yes, that’s right.  Version 1.2) to businesses mostly for account and opportunity management, we quickly realized that it was capable of far more.  In a sense, we were “doing xRM” before tbe xRM concept was even introduced. Our very first xRM deployment was using Microsoft CRM 3.0. |check out this MSDN article that introduces xRM for CRM 4.0| The tools were nowhere near as robust as they are today but we still managed to successfully fulfill the customer needs using our CRM and development expertise. You can read the Sight Savers case study HERE.

Since we developed our first mobile barcode scanning application for Microsoft RMS in 2005, we had a good understanding of inventory and the processes that surround inventory management. So when the Alabama Department of Education (Alabama Math Science Technology Imitative – AMSTI) contacted us about providing a warehouse and inventory solution for their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) operations, we knew that we could deliver. That is when we officially began extending the Dynamics CRM platform specifically for warehouse and inventory management. WIMS for STEM was first deployed in 2009 and allows AMSTI to manage 11 warehouses, approximately 970 schools, and 99,300 tubs of inventory each school year.  We have since deployed WIMS for STEM for other STEM organizations and will begin our 6th install this month!

WIMS for STEM Customer Image

We know inventory. Why not provide the same Dynamics CRM extensions to non-STEM organizations and corporations. That is when WIMS for CRM was introduced. Our development team has taken the latest Dynamics CRM platform and extended it for warehouse and inventory management across multiple industries including healthcare, distribution, manufacturing, professional services, field service and more!

WIMS for CRM Platform Image

Not only can you track inventory at multiple locations (down to the individual bin), but you can also track vendors, receiving, POs, transfers, assets, etc. Need mobile barcode scanning? We have that too! WIMS Mobile provides the same functionality on a mobile barcode scanner that directly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

So if your organization is looking to do more with Dynamics CRM, contact us to see if WIMS for CRM if right for you. Are you a Microsoft Partner that needs this type of functionality for your customers? We can help. Take the next step – give us a call or complete the form below. We’ll get in touch with you ASAP to answer any questions that you might have.

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