Outlook is the most popular email client on desktops.
Why not enjoy the same experience on your phone with the Outlook App?

In my post last week, I introduced the first great reason to replace your phone’s native email app with Outlook — namely, easy integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Below are the four other main reasons I recommend it:

1) Integrated mail and calendar experience.

One thing I love: If you accept a calendar invite, and then later the appointment is moved or cancelled, the Outlook App’s calendar will take care of the changes — both on your Desktop and your phone.

Apple’s native Calendar app was never accurate for me. 2B’s Commander In Chief, Jeff Cross, once told me he never trusted his iPhone’s calendar. You can trust the Outlook App calendar.

2) OneDrive and Dropbox integration make
saving and/or adding attachments easy.

I’m now using OneDrive for all my files, so now I have access to all my documents on the go. A couple weeks ago, I had to send a new client a W-9, and I was able to do so on the fly from my phone.

3) Contact synchronization with your Desktop.

I can’t prove it, but I think one reason people end up with lots of duplicate contacts in their phones is because of the terrible syncing between phones’ native apps and Exchange. Using the Outlook App is like looking at your Contacts within Outlook. No more duplicates!

4) Easier filing emails to folders

Do you even have folders on your phone’s email client? With Outlook, it’s so easy to create and manage them, you will.


If those reasons aren’t enough for you to switch to Outlook, here’s one more reason that, admittedly, rarely works for me at home: Because I said so! Seriously though, Outlook is by far the best mobile email app I’ve ever used. It’s certainly worth downloading for a test run. And of course it’s available for download in iOS and Android — free of charge.


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  • Glenn, great article. I’ve been using it for about 4 months and so far, so good. I recently upgraded my desktop to Outlook 365 (from Outlook 2010), but since I’m a POP3 user (no corporate exchange), I think that’s why Calendar and Contacts are not syncing. I’m having to use a 3rd party app – CompanionLink – to sync. Is there a way to sync POP3 Calendar and Contacts natively using Outlook Mobile?

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