Today’s attorney is constantly on-the-go.  Meetings with clients, court appointments, meetings with other attorneys, networking events and more.  Access to matter information and documents is more important than ever.  There are many benefits of mobile CRM for lawyers.  It needs to be integrated, easy to use and easy to access.


2B-LAW, built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, provides a robust mobile experience across all devices. Enter time on your smart phone while you’re between meetings, review notes on a potential client during your morning commute, and even search and edit documents over morning coffee.

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Benefits of Mobile CRM for Lawyers

  • Capture your time while on-the-go:
    Instantly and accurately enter your time on your smart phone right after your meeting.
  • Capture better information while it’s fresh in your mind:
    It happens to everybody – hours after the meeting ended, you look back at your notes and think “What does this mean?”  Then you rack your brain as you re-enter the information into your matter management system.  With 2B-LAW’s mobile offerings, capture notes directly into the system at the point of contact.   No more second-guessing after the fact.  (We may want to mention OneNote integration here).
  • Access to all documents at your fingertips:
    Review and edit documents no matter where you are.  Even email documents to clients and other contacts.  This save time and breaks the ties keeping you at your desk.

In today’s world, all professionals are mobile and we depend on our mobile devices.  With 2B-LAW, you’ll have access to everything from your mobile device. The benefits of mobile CRM for lawyers are HUGE!  Save time, be more organized, and provide better service to your clients with 2B-LAW and Dynamics CRM.


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