Businesses using Microsoft Dynamics CRM want to more insight on their products and inventory.  They want to track each individual product and kit from the time it is ordered from a particular vendor until it is sold to a customer.  For example, Dynamics CRM customers want to know…

  • How much quantity of each product is available for sale?
  • Which warehouse has the most inventory?
  • Which vendor is selling the items at the lowest cost?
  • What serial # is associated with what product or customer?
  • The list goes on and on!

Dynamics CRM customers want the ability to:

  • Receive inventory (against a PO) and have the product quantities adjust automatically
  • Transfer products and inventory from one stocking location to another
  • Integrate shipping
  • Scan barcodes

WIMS for CRM extends the Dynamics CRM platform (products, orders, accounts, etc.) by adding inventory detail down to the item, bin location, serial number and more!  This solution has been built based on the needs of real customers.  We’ve listened (and continue to listen) to how they manually run their business and designed the automation and software features to match.  We are releasing new versions faster than Microsoft and that is hard to do these days!  It’s time to really leverage your existing CRM investment!

Dynamics CRM Warehouse and Inventory Management

You have a robust platform but do you have dedicated resources to make it happen?  If you are using Dynamics CRM, then you understand how it can be extended or customized to do just about anything – the sky is the limit!  But at the same time, let’s not “re-invent the wheel”.   WIMS for CRM is built within Dynamics CRM and is compatible with CRM Online 2015 Update 1.  Have CRM on-premise?  No problem!  Get a head start on automation and ROI by adding WIMS for CRM to your current Dynamics CRM installation.




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