By Brandon Hernandez
Developer, 2B Solutions, Inc

Mobile CRM is a growing topic and there are many ways to customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM for tablets.  As a RESCO Gold Partner, we not only provide customization services for the mobile app using Woodford, but also advanced customization.  When you reach the limits of Woodford, we can help!

The default charting options in Woodford for the mobile dashboard allow you to filter the view as well as the maximum number of records.  However, this is a problem when field reps have many different accounts to view.  Any standard options caused the chart on the screen to lose  all but their most profitable accounts or be so full of records that it was unreadable.  The chart could be blown up to take over the whole screen, but even that was only a marginal solution to the problem.  We were tasked with two high priority goals that would simplify the dashboard experience for the field reps:

  1. Parse down the amount of records displayed in the chart.  This enabled the user to clearly read the information without losing visibility on all records.
  2. Provide an intuitive, gesture controlled method of navigation.

The solution we developed utilized one problem to solve the other. We first built an integration to the native gesture recognition of the mobile device.  We then customized the chart to pick up on these gestures.  This enables the user to swipe left to right and change the information presented on the screen.  As they swipe from the highest earning accounts to the lowest, or vice-verse, the app internally tracks their position within their full list of Accounts.  The chart needs to only display 20 records at a time.  This gives the user plenty of space to click on a chart entry to drill down for more information.  Most importantly, it allows the field rep to clearly read which account the chart entry represents.  These customizations have given the field representatives a level of account visibility that they’ve never had, in the field or in CRM. With just a few quick swipes they can see and identify their under-performing accounts, make the necessary changes to their sales plan, and better direct their efforts to target those clients.

If you are in the market for a mobile CRM solution or would like assistance further customizing your existing mobile CRM app, give us a call or contact us via our website.  We’ve been providing Microsoft Dynamics and mobile apps for over 10 years.  Let us help you take your CRM in the field.


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