By Brandon Hernandez
Developer, 2B Solutions

How can you use Microsoft Dynamics CRM and RESCO to benefit your sales team?  In today’s world, every company and sales team has their own unique way to obtain and measure success in the field.  It’s up to us, as mobile CRM experts, to provide a mobile solution that matches their desired requirements.  We do this by customizing both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the RESCO source code.  The possibilities are endless!

When we began adapting Mobile CRM to work with our customer’s sales process, it quickly became apparent that customizations would be required to fully support their needs.  Their mobile CRM requirements included:

  1. Allow the field sales team to move potential clients through the (3) designated phases:  lead, prospect and account from the mobile device.
  2. Provide a way for the field sales team to view all records within each phase.
  3. As a record moves from lead to prospect to account, all previously associated records need to move as well

We began by customizing and adding the appropriate entities to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Once the foundation was ready, we began the customizations of Mobile CRM. The first step was creating a method to convert from lead to prospect.  To accomplish this, we inserted a custom command on the marketing lead form and wired it to a modified version of the existing Mobile CRM qualification process.  This created a new prospect and mapped over related fields on demand. The marketing lead would then have its status changed and become hidden from the default view.

The second step of the solution was two-fold. First, we modified the lead qualification process, mapped over several new fields and automatically generated three new entities without requiring the user to manually approve the qualification.  The next phase was handling the migration of associated records. Before the lead qualification process began, we took stock of all related records to the prospect and stored a list of their unique identifiers.  After the qualification was complete, each of these stored records was then related to the newly created account.

Mobile CRM Summary

It’s hard to overstate how large an impact these changes have had on the customer’s field sales team. Before the above customizations, the sales team could not follow their existing process in the field, which led to frustration, high tech support call frequency, and low adoption rates. They viewed their classic pen and paper system as simply easier. Since the deployment of the customized Mobile CRM, however, their opinions have almost totally reversed. They now have an exact digital representation of each step of their sales process.  This provides a level of comfort and allows them to focus on making sales instead of figuring out the app itself.

We have been developing mobile apps since 2004.  We’re a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner, RESCO Gold Partner and Apple Certified Developer.  With access to the RESCO source code, we take mobile CRM a step (or two) further!  We can brand the app for your business and really customize it to meet your unique business requirements.  We utilize our MDM (mobile device management) expertise to help customers manage the app/devices and our Apple partnership to allow customers to push the app through the Apple store.

If you are interested in extending your RESCO Mobile CRM solution or thinking about how mobile CRM or a custom mobile app could help your business, contact us via our website or give us a call at 205-408-9991.

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