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Pinnacle launches mobile inventory solution, partners with 2B
CSP Daily News | May 9, 2012

ARLINGTON, Texas — The Pinnacle Corp. has announced the launch of its new Handheld Inventory Management solutions as part of its Manager Workstation product line, which will allow store managers to count, review and post merchandise inventory quantities, receive merchandise and verify prices.

The solution suite includes applications to receive and transfer merchandise inventory, perform item counts for cycle counts or entire-store audits, create purchase orders, verify prices, note pricebook discrepancies and record out of stocks.

The launch of the mobile handheld inventory product also introduces a new Pinnacle strategic partnership with 2B Solutions Inc., Birmingham, Ala., a company that specializes in providing mobile applications that include a complete line of inventory and store management solutions for retailers and warehouses.

“Pinnacle understands that maintaining the optimal level of inventory at each store is critical for growing revenue, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing operating costs,” said Melissa Fox Hadley, retail solutions manager at Pinnacle. “We are pleased to announce the launch of our new mobile Handheld Inventory Management solutions and are excited about the client feedback we’ve already received as companies begin to implement and realize the benefits of these new solutions.”

Pinnacle’s Retail C-Store Solution Suite provides a set of features to control inventories. The handheld product provides an extension of those features onto the store floor, where managers can analyze current inventory status and inventory or pricing issues that may need to be addressed.

2B Solutions specializes in Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and enterprise mobile applications to help organizations track and manage critical processes from anywhere with direct integrating with various backend systems. Its custom mobile applications include 2B-Inventory, a mobile inventory and store management application for retailers and warehouses. 2B Solutions also has developed mobile applications for mobile sales, asset tracking and event-attendee tracking.

Its Dynamics CRM solutions include deployment and customizations for businesses of all sizes in industries of finance, health services, education, retail, distribution, warehousing and government. 2B Solutions has also developed a custom system for warehouse and inventory management based on the CRM platform.

Arlington, Texas-based Pinnacle is a provider of automation technology focusing on the c-store and petroleum industries. It delivers products that automate the broad spectrum of c-store operations and supply-chain management of fuel operations. Nationwide, Pinnacle’s products and services are used daily in thousands of convenience outlets to automate and improve their store operations and by fuel marketers to increase their efficiency with fuel delivery.

Source: CSP Daily News
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