Kit refurb cycles can be hectic!  If your center is like most, you only have a short period of time to refurbish your kits and get them ready for the next cycle.  WIMS Mobile, along with WIMS for STEM can help!

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The tasks associated with the refurbishment process must be accomplished in a timely manner with minimal errors.  WIMS Mobile helps reduce the complexity by giving workers a way to receive the kits and automatically denote missing permanent items.  WIMS Mobile will update the database right from the refurb table!  No more clipboards, notepads and sticky notes!  With reduced human error, WIMS Mobile gives administrators real-time data on inventory levels, the number of kits refurbished, and worker performance.

WIMS for STEMWarehouse Inventory Management  Solution for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematic,  is a mobile and web based warehouse inventory management solution that tracks and reports all aspects of STEM hands-on learning programs including inventory, teachers and procurement.

WIMS for STEM provides a specialized capability to:

  • Manage inventory across districts, or cities
  • Set specific needs and re-order based on that criteria
  • Track school, teacher, and kit certifications
  • Easily re-order and receive/manage needed products

Contact us today and see how WIMS for STEM can help streamline your kit refurbishment process!

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