Magento Connect for Dynamics CRM is a cloud hosted, integration service that provides direct integration between Dynamics CRM and your Magento ecommerce site.  There are many benefits to integration (reduce error, eliminate duplicate data entry, etc.) but here are the top 5 benefits of Magento Connect for Dynamics CRM

Top 5 Benefits of Magento Connect for Dynamics CRM

1) Unify your system

View all your orders in one place quickly and easily. Eliminate the need of navigating between two different systems and see all your sales inside your CRM.

2) Leverage your Resources

Tie your e-commerce customers into your existing marketing campaigns. Leverage your existing work and investment in CRM and target your entire customer base in a few simple steps.

3) Visualize your Revenue

Use the built in graphs and dashboards to easily compare sales volume between e-commerce, retail and sales by rep. See what products are trending or compare performance of your sales team vs. the web store. Drill down into any chart to see even more detailed information

4) Minimize your Workload

Keep your product catalog synced with Magento Connect for Dynamics CRM. As you update your CRM product list, the changes can be pushed straight to Magento to keep your store updated at the click of a button!

5) Simplicity

Download the free trial, enter in your connection details and begin pulling orders in minutes. All syncing is done at the simple click of a button. When you’re ready to use the full Magento Connect for Dynamics CRM, registration is just a click away!

Magento Connect for Dynamics CRM

We believe in automating processes and application integration. When you eliminate re-keying data, you eliminate human error.

Available functionality with Magento Connect for Dynamics CRM includes:

  • Order Import from Magento – automatically creating the order in Dynamics CRM
  • Creates New Customers in Dynamics CRM
  • Creates New Products in Dynamics CRM
  • Updates of Quantity, Price, Description, etc.

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