2B Solutions offers customized, mobile-ready solutions — built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and retail platforms.

Legal Practice Management

Simple to use, cloud-based legal management solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Inventory, Warehouse and Asset Management Software

Reign in all aspects of your inventory, warehouse and asset tracking with our custom suite of products for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

STEM Materials Management

Complete management of materials, scheduling and procurement for your STEM operations on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Solutions for NCR CounterPoint

Our add-ons extends your NCR Counterpoint investment.

Event, Attendee, and Ticket Tracking

Track tickets and attendance at events using our custom scanning software integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Custom Solutions

Custom solutions to extend your Microsoft Dynamics 365 to do more than what's out of the box. Let us customize your Microsoft Dynamics 365.