jans-logoJans is large retailer that started out as an outdoor ski shop and over the years, have expanded to mountain biking, road biking, fly-fishing, and snowshoeing. Ashley Wooley, Inventory Control Manager of Jans.com, is tasked with keeping inventory accurate at 8 retail locations. They perform a physical count annually and cycle counts daily.

So how do they ensure accuracy of so much inventory? Jans uses mobile barcode scanners running 2B-Inventory. The software, developed by 2B Solutions, integrates seamlessly with their point-of sale software, NCR CounterPoint. The software, she says, is used on Honeywell handheld barcode scanners. For their annual count, they rent an additional 10-12 scanners in order cover all 8 stores at one time.

The benefit of using the mobile software as opposed to manually counting inventory, she says, is the reduction of the possibility of human error. When physical counts or cycle counts are done by hand, the possibly of a miscount or mistake are much higher than when using 2B-Inventory. “The biggest benefit is the ability to perform cycle counts accurately,” Ashley says. While Ashley has never attempted performing the inventory counts by hand, she says she does not plan to use anything but the software because counting by hand can be inaccurate, as well as inefficient and time consuming.

campark-shot2B-Inventory’s Receiving module provides quick and accurate barcode scanning for accurate inventory counts. Other modules available for the mobile barcode scanner include Receiving, Transfers, Orders, and Purchase Requests.

Jans has been using 2B-Inventory since 2013.   To learn more about 2B-Inventory and explore all of our NCR CounterPoint add-ons, visit our CP Solutions page.

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